The Lab operates as a Research Hub and is open to all Bocconi faculty members willing to cooperate on specific projects related with the areas of interest. Teams or individual researchers are invited to present a research proposal specifying the goals of the project, the resources required and the expected duration of the project.

All projects funded, an illustration of the project and the members of the groups can be found here (link to wiki).

Steering Committee

Governance of the Lab is managed through the Steering Committee. It supports the Scientific Director validating the research agenda, reviewing the research progress and exerting the coordination effort that is necessary to make the Lab individual initiatives compliant with the regulations and aims of the institutions that are involved.

Scientific Director


  • Anna Battauz, Associate Professor of Quantitative Methods for Finance and Director MaFinRisk Master Program
  • Stefano Caselli, Professor Algebris Chair in Long-term Investment and Absolute Return and Vice Rector for International Affairs
  • Co-Pierre Georg, Algorand Foundation Economic Advisory Committee Member
  • Donato Masciandaro, Intesa Sanpaolo Chair in Economics of Financial Regulation and Director Baffi-Carefin Research Centre
  • Massimo Morini, Algorand Foundation Chief Economist
  • Fulvio Ortu, Professor of Finance and Director of Department of Finance


    Institutional relations


    Elena Suragni


    Steering Committee
    Anna holds a degree in mathematics from Udine university and a PhD in financial mathematics from the Scuola Normale Superiore in Pisa. She has been academic guest at ETH in Zurich, and is Associate Professor of Mathematical Finance at the Finance Dep ...
    Steering Committee
    Stefano Caselli is a Full Professor of Banking and Finance at Bocconi University, where is Dean for International Affairs. He received his Ph.D in Siena University in 1997 and his research examines the relationship between the investment banking sect ...
    Steering Committee
    Co-Pierre is an Associate Professor at the University of Cape Town and hold the South African Reserve Bank Research Chair in Financial Stability Studies.
    Steering Committee
    Intesa Sanpaolo Chair in Economics of Financial Regulation and Director Baffi Carefin Research Centre. Donato Masciandaro is Full Professor of Economics. From 2005 he holds the Chair in Economics of Financial Regulation, at Bocconi University. From ...
    Steering Committee
    Full Professor at the Department of Finance, Bocconi University. Vice Rector and Dean for International Affairs from 2008 to 2012. Dean of Bocconi PhD School from 2004 to 2008. Prior to Bocconi: assistant professor at the Department of Finance and Bu ...
    Scientific Director
    Associate Professor Bocconi University in Quantitative Methods for Economics Finance and Insurance since 2011, with national qualification for full professorship from 2015. His research activity is concentrated in the area of Quantitative Methods for ...